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Hey everyone, as I said before am going to be adding kids and baby styles to my blog, as some of you know I am a new mother again.  I thought since winter is fast approaching, I would put together a winter gear for guide, for babies.  Here are few of my favorite picks!


Let’s start with jackets because that is a big one; there are two options in terms of jackets. You can either go with a jumpsuit or a short jacket. I personally loving jumpsuits right now, it just looks super warm and cozy. Here are a few options (all images below are clickable to shop for)

Next up are cozy one piece, I totally love one-pieces because when its time to change their diapers all you have to do is just unbutton or unzip and there are so many cute and cozy ones.

Next up, hats and mittens! the only time I personally wear any type of headgear is during the winter season. I love beanies and love seeing them on babies. Found a couple of cute ones.

Winter gear must are boots! Babies look so adorable with booties and I have rounded up a few for you guys to take a look.

Sweaters a must in during the cold season. here are a couple of cute ones am loving and are super cute and cozy.

The last item on the list, baby robes! whats cuter than seeing a baby in a rob. It’s a great way to keep baby warm as especially after a bath.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I seriously loved putting this post together; makes me want to order everything on this list. Thanks for stopping by!!!



Fitting room try on this time around was spent in American Eagle. The American Eagle I went to was a very small store and honestly didn’t have a lot of options in terms of choices. I scooped up the cutest things I could find and time was very limited.

I loved the print and the slashed out detail on the tee. The Jeans were super soft and comfy and fit really well. If you are in the market for ripped high waisted black denim this is a great option.
 I Picked this jacket up because I loved the colour. After trying it on loved the fit.

This outfit was probably my favourite find. I loved the camo denim. They run small so am wearing a size 6 here. They fit like a glove!! Wearing a medium in the sweatshirt because I wanted loser fit.
All I have to say about this plaid shirt is that it is ahh-mazinly soft!!! sized up to get that lose fitting look. Wearing a size M

I loved how loose fitting this v-neck sweater was, once again I sized up.
Am not one to really wear print, but lately, I have been into prints. I thought this printed tank went really well with the dark girlfriend denim and the colour of the cardigan really well.
ok so I know I have been saying everything is super soft but that’s because everything I tried on was super soft but this top takes the cake!!
Last outfit, I picked this sweater up thinking it was a sweater tank because of the way it was hanging on the hanger lol, totally didn’t see the sleeves. love the zipper detail.
Thanks for stopping by!!

Am starting a new series on here where I basically go into a store and try on a bunch of things so you guys can see how they look and if there is something that you like, you can shop the look on here by clicking all the links I provide. The first store kicking this series off is Old Navy!! Honestly, I have been loving Old Navy lately mainly for getting baby clothes. I have been going in there a lot lately and I wanted to try on some of their clothes for my self! I didn’t have a lot of time so I was only able to try on a few things. I hope for my next post I will be able to try on a lot outfits and put together different outfits so you guys can see how they look on. So if you are not following me on Instagram make sure you follow me @casualambition, because I will be posting videos of me actually trying on the clothing on my Insta stories.

This look was my favourite find. Both jeans and the top were super comfortable and soft. The jeans fit like a glove!

Top: size M

Jeans: size 6

This was my second favourite find, this set was so soft and so comfortable, these come in a bunch of different colours and the slippers are the cutest!

Wearing size Small in both top and bottom 


I loved this cardigan, loved the colours, and I just paired with a velvet tee which is one of the biggest trends this fall.

Tee: size S

Jeans: size 6

Cardigan: size M 

I love the length of this cardigan, its great to pair with dresses for the fall. I wasn’t too crazy about the dress.

Cardigan: size S

Dress: size S

Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you find something that you like from this post and I hope you enjoy this series. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is a store you would like me to go try some stuff on.



Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you find something that you like from this post and I hope you enjoy this series. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is a store you would like me to go try some stuff on.


Hey everyone!! I know have been away for a super long time and to be honest, I am really disappointed with myself. I had so much passion for my blog and there is so much that I want to do with this blog. When it wasn’t moving as fast as I wanted it to, I honestly gave up. While I have been away, so much has happened in my life and for whatever, reason this whole blogging thing hasn’t left my system. I honestly feel like this is what am meant to do and I still have so much passion and love for blogging. Whenever I picture my life, it is always me as a blogger, mother, wife. I thought not blogging for so long would have gotten me to forget about it but I just can’t get it out of my system. I have been thinking about making this post for a long time and I keep procrastinating. I keep making up excuses in my head as to why I don’t want to blog anymore but deep down I know this is something that I am passionate about. I have tried so hard to forget about blogging but I just keep coming back to it. I was listening to a podcast by Brandon Burchard, he was talking about finding life’s purpose and he goes on to say when you are meant to do something it will haunt you until you do something about it. I feel like that is how it has been for me with this whole blogging thing. I guess what am trying to say is that if there is something you have been thinking about doing and something has been holding you back trust me figure out a way to to get done.

I want to make a couple of changes on my blog in terms of what I post. I want to share more of my life and include my family, share mommy moments and of course fashion. Like I said earlier, a lot has changed in my life some not so good and some really great and I can’t wait to share with you guys!! I also think it’s time for this blog to get a facelift haha!! Anyways, I won’t take anymore your time. Thank you so much for reading this post, hope you keep in touch. Is there anything that you have given up on but still think about every day? Please share!!!



My Closet

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casual stripes

Casual stripes and denim are the perfect summer combination, stripes are a must in any closet. My wardrobe would not be complete without a (few) casual stripes tops. Stripes makes for the perfect summer outfit. I am starting to collect one too many stripe tops in my closet, I have a couple of posts here, and here that I share a little but of my love for stripes.

There are so many different kinds of casual stripe top that you can get your hands on. The most classic stripe is, of course, the white and navy stripes. I would definitely invest a little bit more money on a white and navy stripe top. It is such a timeless colour and it looks so good with denim and a bit of red.

I use to only wear skinny jeans. You know when you rediscover things in your own closet? That’s what happened with these jeans. I totally forgot how comfortable they are and how much I miss wearing them. Found these pairs from Old navy, and I love how they fit and the price wasn’t bad either. I linked a lot of options for you guys below so make sure to check them out!! thank you so much for stopping by!


Favourite casual stripes combinations

Stripe and denim

Red stripe and white shorts

stripes and overalls

Stripe casual dresses with sneakers

stripe and leopard print flats

Navy stripes and white jeans

casual stripes1

casual stripes3

casual stripes 6


Zara Stripe Top (sold out) similar |hereherehereherehereherehere,

Old Navy skinny ripped jeans (old) similar|hereherehere

Converse Sneakers on sale|here, here


Summer Sandals

Sandals are essential! I have been looking around for some cute sandals and I thought I’d share a few of my favourite finds with you guys. They are pretty good prices except for number 4 which is super over priced but how adorable is it! It’s probably my favourite pair. Hope you guys enjoyed this post! comment down below and let me know which one is your favourite.


1. Steve Madden Slidur|here -cheaper|here

2. Steve Madden Shaney Sandal| here

3. Seychelles Accelerate| here

4. Pippa Fridge Sandal|here

5. Fireball Sandals|here





white top

White top and denim has to be my favourite combo, it is just so effortless, crisp, relaxed and super easy going. It just feels like I got up and put on a white top and denim shorts together. I fell in love with this top when I saw it in Zara. This lady was looking at it and I was just praying she’d put it back on the rack and she did. I wasted no time grabbing it haha. I love the detail on the top, it makes the top look dressy and casual which is the best of both worlds. It’s super airy and very lightweight it’s perfect for a day at the beach.

Its has been sweltering the past week in Toronto, (am not complaning at all, I love the hot weather) so I have been basically living in shorts and white tops. I love the hot weather because I get to wear outfits like this! Thank you so much for stopping by.

Spent the day the lake and it was so good being there by the water, I haven’t gotten a chance to go to the beach all summer so this was a really good treat.

Ps. how cute are these slippers? I got them from old navy for under $10! It was the last one.

white top 3

white top 5

white top 2

white top 4

Zara Top| similar , herehere, here

Levis Shorts|similar here, herehere

Old Navy slippers|Love these ones  here, here


stripe dress

I love this striped dress and the way it fits! I have a little obsession with stripes, as soon as I see stripes, I just gravitate towards it also mentioned in this post here. I have to be honest, I am not really a dress kind of girl I would choose a pair of jeans over anything. This stripe dress, however, makes me want to be a dress kind of girl. I love how it can be dressed down with sneakers and a denim jacket like how I wore it here. I have also tried it with heels and it looks so good. The price was a steal! This stripe dress from Zara is under $20! It’s a basic piece they have each year. If you are looking for the perfect summer dress that can worn casual or dressed up, this dress it!

I’ll link some other options for you guys to take a look.

stripe dress 2

Zara Stripe Dress|hereherehere,

Levis Denim Jacket (old) similar|herehere

Converse sneaker|hereherehere





off the shoulder top6

Off the shoulder tops are so major right now, it’s kinda crazy. I know you guys have been seeing it too. Everyone is wearing off the shoulder top. I totally understand why it made a comeback and it is so big for summer. I don’t know about you guys but wearing this top has me feeling all types of ways. I feel super sex but am not showing too much skin. Ok, wait maybe I am but you know what I mean. My breasts are not hanging out, not like I have any haha. I can’t wait to pick up another top like this. This one I’m wearing is from Zara and I believe it came two colours. This white one and light blue one.

off the shoulder 3

There are so many ways you can wear the off the shoulder top. You can seriously wear them for just about any occasion. It is very flattering on any body type or shape. The possibilities are endless with the way you can wear this top.You can also have this off the shoulder option in dresses and rompers as well, I’ll make sure to link some of my favourites below for you guys.

off the shoulder top1

off the shoulder top5

Zara off the shoulder top similar hereherehereherehereherehereLevis shorts similar herehere| Converse Sneakers here