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casual stripes

Casual stripes and denim are the perfect summer combination, stripes are a must in any closet. My wardrobe would not be complete without a (few) casual stripes tops. Stripes makes for the perfect summer outfit. I am starting to collect one too many stripe tops in my closet, I have a couple of posts here, and here that I share a little but of my love for stripes.

There are so many different kinds of casual stripe top that you can get your hands on. The most classic stripe is, of course, the white and navy stripes. I would definitely invest a little bit more money on a white and navy stripe top. It is such a timeless colour and it looks so good with denim and a bit of red.

I use to only wear skinny jeans. You know when you rediscover things in your own closet? That’s what happened with these jeans. I totally forgot how comfortable they are and how much I miss wearing them. Found these pairs from Old navy, and I love how they fit and the price wasn’t bad either. I linked a lot of options for you guys below so make sure to check them out!! thank you so much for stopping by!


Favourite casual stripes combinations

Stripe and denim

Red stripe and white shorts

stripes and overalls

Stripe casual dresses with sneakers

stripe and leopard print flats

Navy stripes and white jeans

casual stripes1

casual stripes3

casual stripes 6


Zara Stripe Top (sold out) similar |hereherehereherehereherehere,

Old Navy skinny ripped jeans (old) similar|hereherehere

Converse Sneakers on sale|here, here


Summer Sandals

Sandals are essential! I have been looking around for some cute sandals and I thought I’d share a few of my favourite finds with you guys. They are pretty good prices except for number 4 which is super over priced but how adorable is it! It’s probably my favourite pair. Hope you guys enjoyed this post! comment down below and let me know which one is your favourite.


1. Steve Madden Slidur|here -cheaper|here

2. Steve Madden Shaney Sandal| here

3. Seychelles Accelerate| here

4. Pippa Fridge Sandal|here

5. Fireball Sandals|here





white top

White top and denim has to be my favourite combo, it is just so effortless, crisp, relaxed and super easy going. It just feels like I got up and put on a white top and denim shorts together. I fell in love with this top when I saw it in Zara. This lady was looking at it and I was just praying she’d put it back on the rack and she did. I wasted no time grabbing it haha. I love the detail on the top, it makes the top look dressy and casual which is the best of both worlds. It’s super airy and very lightweight it’s perfect for a day at the beach.

Its has been sweltering the past week in Toronto, (am not complaning at all, I love the hot weather) so I have been basically living in shorts and white tops. I love the hot weather because I get to wear outfits like this! Thank you so much for stopping by.

Spent the day the lake and it was so good being there by the water, I haven’t gotten a chance to go to the beach all summer so this was a really good treat.

Ps. how cute are these slippers? I got them from old navy for under $10! It was the last one.

white top 3

white top 5

white top 2

white top 4

Zara Top| similar , herehere, here

Levis Shorts|similar here, herehere

Old Navy slippers|Love these ones  here, here


denim cut offs 1

Denim cut offs!! Summer is in full effect and I couldn’t be happier, it is definitely my favourite season. I love summer outfits, and my go to outfit is cut offs and tank or a tee. These cut offs are probably one of my favourite pairs, I got this pair last year and I love the fit and the wash. I love easy and comfortable outfits and summer is perfect for that. With any type of denim, there are so many ways to wear them.

I love wearing my cut offs with sneakers and flats. I am seriously all about comfort, I don’t want to be hot and uncomfortable. This look is perfect for a day out to the beach or spending time with friends or even a bbq. I am definitely going to be living in my denim cut off. I will link some of my favourite shorts I have found lately. Thanks for stopping by, before you leave, make sure tell me what your favourite piece of clothing is for the summer and hit that subscribe button!

cut offs 5

cut off 2

Denim Cut Offs

Abercrombie Denim Cut Offs similar hereherehere, here, here | Old Navy Top here| Zara bag similar here| Zara Sandals similar here, and here

kisses and hugs!

simple outfits3

Simple outfits are the way to go for me, I seriously want to get up and just put my outfits on. I don’t want to have to think about putting an outfit together, and since its summer it makes it even easier! I think that’s why I love the hot weather so much, you really don’t have to think about the ten things you have to layer. I love this simple outfit here, wearing my mom jeans and a long sleeve top. This outfit is perfect for running errands, or meeting up with friends over brunch.

Over the weekend, went out for bae birthday, had breakfast and dinner,  am sorry but I couldn’t take any pictures because someone was too cranky to wait for all the food to come, am not going to say who lol. Took these pictures after we had dinner, it was such a quick photo shot because it was literally like five minutes of us taking pictures and the pictures came out so good, wanted to share it with a post.

simple outfits6

simple outfit4

simple outfits

simple outfits1

Old Navy Top similar here| Topshop Mom Jeans here| Zara sandals (old) love this one  similar here| Zara bag similar here





You guys, I have been literally living in this cardigan because am super lazy with my outfits having it has been the best thing ever. I have been simply throwing it on any outfit I wear lately, this has been my go to. I know I know it’s been super out so why am I wearing a sweater? I get cold really easily so I always feel like I have to have a light jacket or sweater with me plus Toronto’s weather is so damn unpredictable. This cardigan is light so it’s perfect for colder spring days and summer nights when it gets a little chilly. It is a staple because I can pretty much wear it all year. I got this cardigan from gap which is no longer available on the website, but have no fear, I have done all the shopping for you, your welcome! I have linked similar ones below for you guys!




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Gap Cardi here, herehere, here|Hollister Jeans similar here| Forever21 tee similar herehere| Converse sneakers here| Zara Bag similar here








H&M top (old) similar here| Top Shop mom jeans here| Steve Madden heel similar here| Zara purse (old) love these ones here, and here


I don’t know what it is about stripe tops but I love them! I just gravitate towards them whenever am in a store. I know a lot of guys can relate too, there is just something about stripes that is so eye catching. I got this top from H&M about a year ago, and only wore it once, I actually wore it with a black skirt to a wedding reception. I have to admit it wasn’t one of my favourite looks, I think it was a bit too casual for a wedding but I loved the top so much I had to wear it. Since I wore it to the wedding I hadn’t worn it again. Lately, I have been wearing it quite often but with my favourite piece of clothing jeans!!I love stripes and denim together, it is such an easy combo to put together. There is something about stripes and denim that just go so well together. I have been seeing it everywhere these days, nothing says a laid back look like a tee and jeans. In this look I decided to go for a dressier look since the top has a dressier look because of the peplum . This look is great for date night or  just catching up with friends.

Thank you so much for stopping!!


weeks finds

1 here| 2 here| 3 here|4 here|5 here| 6 here| 7 here

Handbags and heels edition of my weekly finds. It is very obvious that I am obsessed with neutrals, blush tones, creams, and camels.You can pretty much wear them year round and it goes well with pretty much everything! Neutrals, blush tones, creams and camels have become very popular and they are just beautiful colour tones that are a must in your wardrobe!

Nudes, neutrals and blush tones are a great way to add colour into your wardrobe without really adding colour. A great way to add nudes, blush tones, creams, and camels are with handbags and heels. Having handbags and heels in these colours will make your outfit look expensive and chic because they are such classic and timeless colour palette to have in your closet. Every girl should own a pair nude pumps, I have noticed that I keep reaching for my nude pumps more lately than my black pumps. When it comes to handbags you should have at leat one handbag that’s a statement bag and a nudes or neutrals colour is a great colour to have. It can take a casual outfit and make it look chic and well put together.

I definitely want to add more neutrals, blush tones, creams and camels to my wardrobe, I have been obsessed with blush tones and I think it’s because it spring. A great way to incorporate any colour is to start with handbags and heels. You can simply wear jeans and a white tee or top, add neutrals and blush tones handbag and heel and it gives your look a more chic look.

How do you guys add these colours to your wardrobe? comment down below!

I have linked all items in the picture above so make sure to check them out and thank you so much for stopping by!



Denim Overalls


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